Vital components of peace building initiatives

Vital components of peace building initiatives

Peace is a vital component of societal life. To establish harmony in the world, it is essential to keep peace at all costs, and even to promote its establishment, so that the future generations strive in nurturing good behaviors in themselves in order not to prevent the destruction of the planet.

In addition to that, countless initiatives have been implemented, or are being carried out, nowadays to build peace. It is not easy to settle peace since it does not come by itself. In fact, it is the award you receive from mutual help and noticeable peacekeeping efforts.

On the other hand, Prem Rawat is convinced that by keeping on transmitting messages of peace to the world, he will be able to persuade people to make efforts so that peace reigns. And that is his main duty as a defender of peace. Furthermore, as a simple peace activist, he established the Prem Rawat Foundation to implement peace initiatives and give out humanitarian aids.

Here are some essential components of peace-building initiatives


Security can be defined by using the same definition as that of peace, provided that it is the main basis of peace. To build peace, the most important thing to do is to ensure safety within the society. This included making sure that peacekeeping strategies are well-designed, in order to build a reliable, safe environment.

It is crucial to deploy armed forces to reach the unique objective, which is cracking down on gang violence, terrorist acts and any other kinds of terrorist attacks. In order to build a peaceful world, it is important to establish global security and restore all possibilities to dissolve conflicts as well as any act of terrorism.

Curbing the use of weapons

In fact, the use of any weapon is the major threat to peace. Therefore, it is considerably necessary to put an end with the use of weapons. Each country has to comply with an engagement which consists in curbing weapon use so that to enhance the possibility to promote peace. 

The use of weapons should be cut short even if it is necessary to use military interventions to crack down on terrorist attacks and gang violence. Yet, in order to boost international relations and the correlation of forces, the only efficient approach to use is dialogue.

A new global policy to keep peace

The current global system is not sufficient to promote world peace. As a result, it is still necessary to implement another political system, which is more appropriate to the needs of all countries, and to the peace keeping initiatives. It is important to make the policy clear for all the countries and make sure that every small detail is dealt with. However, the global policy was not directly covered by the superpowers.

Moreover, they failed to adequately pay attention to the needs of the countries in the South. Therefore, peace should be treated as an appropriate topic in order to deal with those situations.

Guaranteeing the basic needs of every individual

It is also essential to consider the role of each individual in peace building, to avoid any possible objection from antagonists in the future. Therefore, it is crucial that the basic needs of each human being met, specifically, food, housing, security, freedom and human rights. The objectives could be met by fostering mutual help. International and regional organizations have already taken many initiatives to help the neediest people in the society.

Meanwhile, it is vital that the economy grows in line with the satisfaction of individual needs.