Contemporary conflicts in the world

Conflict in the world
Image Contemporary conflicts in the world

Our current world is the stage on which plays relating successive events on human history have been performed. Humanity has lived through wars and conflicts for ages. Nevertheless, humanity has also gone through a peaceful time when there was a ceasefire. After the two great world wars, the humanity has forever gone through all kinds of conflicts.  

to the peace ambassador, Prem Rawat, conflicts are the main factor to the destruction of peace and even to the doom of humanity. As a result, he contributes to the effort to dissolve any form of conflicts by transmitting messages of peace to many parts of the world.

Moreover, Prem Rawat established a foundation, which is named after him, to carry out humanitarian actions for peace keeping. Even so, it could not prevent conflicts from arising. This article updates you on the most common contemporary conflicts.

Struggle for decolonization

These kinds of conflicts took place almost simultaneously somewhere in the world, especially in Africa, where many countries have been colonized. Being colonized for many decades, the Africans considered that the colonizers had waged wars against them; thus, they took the initiative to fight back. That was the case of the war in Algeria which broke out in 1954. The war was between the Algerian warriors, which is known as the FLN, and the French Army.

The war lasted eight consecutive years, and the ceasefire was announced in 1962. In 1957, the warriors of the UPC clashed with the French Army with the help of the Cameroonian troop. The conflict made 150,000 human losses. That was also the case of Madagascar, where a military revolution broke out in 1947 for the struggle for independence.

Border conflicts

On the other hand, border disputes were the most violent form of contemporary conflicts, which have made many casualties. In 1977 Somalia confronted with Ethiopia to dispute over the Ogaden, which is a cross-border territory. In fact, the Ethiopian Armed Forces were assisted by the Cuban and Soviet Armies.

Beside this, in 1963, there was also the Algerian-Moroccan conflict which broke out because of conflicts over mine exploitation. The conflict caused a great deal of casualties. Israel is also a ground for cross-border conflicts, because the Arabian countries as well as the neighboring countries have always waged wars against it to take control over the Israeli territory. However, Israeli always won the war.

Identity-based conflicts

As its name indicates, these conflicts involve the struggle to enhance an ethnic group's identity. This may concern cultural identity, economic identity, political identity or even religious identity. Yet, whatever it is, those conflicts have always had disastrous impacts. In the contemporary society, the most common one is the war of Liberia.

The antagonists consisted of the Kharn and Mandingue ethnic groups, and they clashed with the Gio and Mano. The identity conflict aimed at proving which ethnic group is more superior than the other.

Among those identity-based conflicts in the contemporary society, it is also important to mention the Touareg and the Maureswars. The war took place in 1989 in Niger and in 1990 in Mali. The wars resulted in a huge number of human losses, and the conflicts only came to end in 1992 after the parties signed a peace treaty.